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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a minimum hourly charge?
Yes, there is a 4 hour minimum. All union-operated cranes have a 4 hour minimum.

How much room do you need to set-up the crane?
Depends on the size of the crane. Under 40 ton crane the set-up is 20 ft. width and 35 ft. in length. Over 40 ton is 30 ft. in width and approx. 50 ft. in length. Each job site is different.

Do you supply rigging?
All cranes are equipped with standard rigging. If your job requires special rigging, let us know before lift day to make sure we bring what you need.

Do you offer “additional insured” on your insurance carrier?
Yes. Our insurance carrier takes about ½ day to provide an additional insured. Standard forms are no charge.

Can you stop by my job site to see what size crane I need?
Hydraulic Cranes has salesmen in the field everyday to look at job sites. This is a no charge service and most jobs we can check the same day. Worst case scenario for a job check would be the next day. Hydraulic Cranes will provide a written quote upon request.