Hydraulic Cranes LLC: Professional Hydraulic Crane Rental Services in Hollywood, CA

Trust Hydraulic Cranes LLC to provide your business with the safest hydraulic crane rental service in Southern California. Since 1960, our dedicated union-certified business has performed hundreds of thousands of light and heavy duty lifts. Our company offers an extensive selection of hydraulic cranes ranging in size from 5 tons to 300 tons. Every crane rental comes with a highly trained crane operator to serve all your commercial construction or lifting needs. For over 50 years, Hydraulic Cranes has always made safety our number one priority.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • A staff of highly trained, union-certified crane specialists
  • Employees with a minimum of 10 to 26 years of active experience
  • Well-maintained, OSHA-certified cranes and equipment
  • Honest service: We’ll ensure you have the right size crane for your job
  • Cost-effective prices for short- and long-term projects
  • Comprehensive lift planning services

Hydraulic Cranes believes in providing professional crane service that improves productivity and ensures optimal safety. To this end, we keep full-time mechanics on staff to routinely check all of our crane rental equipment; provide free on-site lift planning; consistently recommend the best crane for each unique job; and ensure that all of our crane operators, riggers, and signal persons follow the industry’s best practices for hoisting and rigging.

Hydraulic Cranes is a licensed, bonded, and insured company and complies with all OSHA regulations. Our company is proud to be recognized by and associated with the following organizations: Southern California Contractors Association, California Trucking Association, Mobile Crane Operator’s Group, and Teamsters Local 12. We would be happy to assist you with acquiring a permit for your commercial Hollywood project and are also available to work with contractors and subcontractors throughout Hollywood. Call today to schedule your free on-site consultations.

Trusted Crane Services for Commercial and Industrial Lifts, Hollywood, CA

Hydraulic Cranes is fully qualified to meet all of your commercial and industrial lifting needs in Hollywood. All of our equipment is kept well-maintained and routinely inspected by full-time mechanics to ensure a safe lift. Our mobile crane rental company has completed hundreds of thousands of successful lifts in Hollywood including the following:

  • Construction Work
  • Lifts for Utility Projects
  • CalTrans & Municipal Lifts
  • Electrical Work
  • Air Conditioning & HVAC Lifts
  • Plant Maintenance & EVAC System Lifts and Removals

  • Heavy Lifting for Machinery & Materials
  • Lifts Related To Railroad Cars, Crates, & Other Shipping
  • Vaults & Underground Tank Lifts
  • Landscaping Lifts
  • Repair & Building Maintenance Lifts

With over 50 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, you can trust that your lifting job will be done right.

Crane Rental Service for Utility Projects in Hollywood, CA

At Hydraulic Cranes, our experienced mobile crane operators are trained to safely move any of the following objects for utility projects in Hollywood:

  • Light Poles
  • Switch Boxes
  • Large Pipes
  • Concrete Bunkers
  • Steel Signs

  • Parking Lot Lights
  • Septic Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • And More

Let Hydraulic Cranes help you safely transport any of these objects at your site or across the city. Our well-qualified hydraulic truck crane specialists have successfully completed hundreds of thousands of light- and heavy-duty lifts and can also provide cost-effective trucking services. Call today. We’ll work with you to determine the right sized crane and create a lift plan for your utility project in Hollywood.

Hollywood, CA: Crane Service for CalTrans & Municipal Crane Lifts

Since 1960, Hydraulic Cranes has provided short-term and long-term heavy lift crane rental services to CalTrans and Municipal clients in Hollywood. We provide contractors with comprehensive mobile crane service and can place and lift k-rail, rebar, vaults, wood or steel forms, and much more anywhere on your construction site. Past projects have ranged from widening freeways to installing electrical vaults. We have a large fleet of mid-size, all-terrain cranes and union-certified drivers and operators who ensure that each project is done as efficiently and safely as possible and in complete accordance with OSHA regulations. We also provide qualified riggers, signal persons, and lifting equipment and accessories upon request. Call today to schedule your free site visit and consultation.

Hollywood, CA: Hydraulic Cranes to Move Railroad Cars, Crates, & Other Shipping Containers

Whether you need to move shipping containers in from a harbor or transport railroad cars, you can rely on the mobile crane specialists at Hydraulic Cranes to help you get the job done. Our union-trained and highly experienced heavy lift crane operators will expertly maneuver our hydraulic cranes to safely lift or haul shipping containers, crates, or railroad cars of nearly any size and weight. We always make safety our number one priority and comply with all OSHA regulations. Our crane rental services are available at competitive prices for any short- or long-term job in Hollywood, California.

Comprehensive Crane Rental Service for Landscaping in Hollywood, CA

Hollywood contractors and landscapers can work with Hydraulic Cranes to safely set or remove trees, boulders, and other large objects. We will carefully place these items where you need them, and are able to safely lift them over buildings and other structures. Our team of dedicated mobile crane specialists are capable of expertly maneuvering our hydraulic truck cranes over any terrain including on streets, off-road sites, and tight areas. We have experience working at amusement parks, university campuses, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, shopping centers, and more. For reliable landscaping lifts in Hollywood, Hydraulic Cranes will provide the expert service you need.

Hollywood, CA: High-Quality Crane Equipment & Accessories

Trust the mobile crane specialists at Hydraulic Cranes to provide high quality crane equipment for your lift in Hollywood. Our mobile crane rental company doesn’t charge for rentals, only transportation; so if you can take care of pickup and delivery, your crane accessories can be free of charge. Our inventory includes the following cement buckets, pallet forks, trash bins, pallet bars, man-baskets, and more.

Trucking Services, Hollywood, CA

In addition to renting any of our hydraulic cranes and accessories, Hydraulic Cranes is also able to provide trucking services for your project in Hollywood. We offer a 20 ft. state bed truck and four tractor trailers to help transport materials or any necessary crane accessories. At Hydraulic Cranes, our crane equipment and trucks, just like our cranes, are routinely checked by our full-time mechanics for your safety and satisfaction. Call today.

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