Hydraulic Cranes LLC: Mobile Crane Rental & Crane Operator Services, Paramount, CA

Welcome to Hydraulic Cranes, a union-certified crane rental company with over 50 years of rigging and hoisting experience. Over the years, we’ve performed hundreds of thousands of lifts for a wide variety of industries. This means that rarely is there a lift we haven’t done before. Our expertise extends to:

  • construction lifting: laying rebar, erecting structural steel, setting cement panels, etc.
  • utility lifting: installing and removing light poles, solar panels, cell towers, septic tanks, etc.
  • HVAC lifting: lifting and placing cooling towers, rooftop air conditioners, industrial boilers
  • transportation and shipping lifting: loading and unloading cargo containers, tanks, trailers
  • landscaping lifting: lifting trees, boulders, rocks, spas, sculptures, fountains
  • CalTrans/municipal lifting: k-rail placement, freeway widening projects, bridge construction

Our cranes are all highly versatile, can lift loads anywhere from 5 tons to 300 tons, and can lift as high as twenty stories. As they are DOT approved, we can deliver our cranes to nearly any location in Paramount. All of our Paramount crane rentals come with all necessary rigging equipment and a union-trained and -certified crane operator, each with 10-26 years of experience. Upon request, we can also provide qualified or certified riggers and signalers. With every crane rental in Paramount, you’ll also gain access to our trucking services and a variety of crane accessories, such as man baskets, spreader bars, pallet bars, pallet forks, trash bins, concrete buckets, and more. Crane accessories are rented at no charge if clients pick them up and drop them off.

At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, it is our mission to provide our clients in Paramount with cost-effective crane rental and operator services that improve productivity and maximize safety. Our hydraulic cranes are routinely inspected and serviced by our on-staff mechanics and have all been OSHA certified. Part of our service include free onsite lift planning. This will ensure you get the right crane for the job and that our crane operators arrive at your Paramount lift fully prepared, with everything they need to get the job done.

Hydraulic Cranes is licensed, bonded, and insured and is proud to be associated with the following organizations: Southern California Contractors Association, California Trucking Association, Mobile Crane Operator’s Group, and Teamsters Local 12. Call today to schedule a free on-site visit and consultation.

Paramount Crane Rentals for Lifting Underground Tanks, Vaults and Pipelines

For over five decades, Hydraulic Cranes has partnered with companies, contractors, and subcontractors in Paramount who have required reliable crane services for the rigging and hoisting of septic tanks, water vessels, pipelines, gas storage vaults, aboveground and underground tanks, and more. Our crane lifting services are always performed by union certified crane operators who have significant training and experience with moving oversized and heavy-duty loads. They have extensive hands-on experience and have completed OSHA’s ten-hour safety course. Prior to each lift, one of our crane experts will visit you at your Paramount site and help you prepare for your lift. Our onsite consultation will ensure that we note any nearby gas and electrical lines, know exactly how far we will be lifting your object(s), make accommodations to avoid obstacles or challenging terrain, and select the right crane for your lift. Once complete, our comprehensive lift plan will make it easy to secure any necessary permits.

Paramount, CA Hydraulic Crane Rentals with Union-Certified Operators for Construction Lifts

Hydraulic Cranes frequently provides its crane lifting services to construction companies and contractors in Paramount. Our dedicated and highly qualified staff; well-maintained, diverse fleet of hydraulic cranes; and strict adherence to the industry’s best practices have earned us a high safety rating, a large loyal following, and an excellent reputation. Our cranes have been used to move a wide range of materials and machinery used in new construction and renovations, including wood beams, steel beams, trusses, rebar, columns, cement panels, roofing materials, concrete blocks, and more. We can also assist with the loading or unloading of a truck or trailer, and stacking heavy items carefully together. Additionally, rigging equipment, crane accessories, and trucking services are available with every Paramount crane rental. The safety of our clients, personnel and the surrounding public is extremely important to us. To better prepare for the lift and eliminate risks, we supply our clients with a formal lift plan. We believe a lift plan not only confirms and communicates the logistics of the lift but ensures that all safety precautions and exclusion zones are in place. Call us today to reserve your high quality crane service for your next construction project in Paramount.

Crane Rental Services for Cargo Shipping Containers in Paramount

Since 1960, Hydraulic Cranes LLC has been performing lifts for shipping companies in Paramount and surrounding Southern California cities. This means that we are qualified to partner with any Paramount company that needs to have oversized or heavy-duty shipping containers, vessels, aboveground/underground tanks, or trailers lifted and moved. Items can be moved across a loading dock or across town. By working with our team, you’ll be able to coordinate the cranes you need when you need them. We can also provide trucking services when required. Our team is available around the clock, and we can dispatch our cranes in a matter of hours. If an additional insured certificate is required, we can often obtain one within a day. Plus, as a union-certified company, all our operators are union-trained and we can provide certified payroll filing. Call today for a free onsite consultation.

Paramount Mobile Crane Rental Service for Landscaping Lifts

Hydraulic Cranes is the best choice for crane rentals when landscapers in Paramount need to move trees, concrete walls, boulders, statues, fountains, and other oversized landscaping items. Our fleet of mid-size hydraulic cranes are the perfect size for most landscaping projects as they can maneuver over most terrain, are DOT approved, and can easily lift items over a wide array of obstacles. If you’re unsure about which crane rental is right for your landscaping lift in Paramount, we’ll come and visit you on site at no charge to help create a comprehensive lift plan. This plan would include a computer-generated picture of the type of hydraulic crane you’re getting, its maximum weight capacity, where it will be set up, as well as swing direction clearance, rigging charts with hoisting rope diameter, and much more. Call Hydraulic Cranes to get a free quote on your landscaping project.

Hydraulic Cranes: Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Crane Rental Services for our Paramount Clients

Hydraulic Cranes is known for safety, reliability and efficiency. We ensure all of customers will receive the right-size crane for the job, and we also provide lift plans and permitting assistance for projects in Paramount. Hydraulic Cranes has performed lifts for nearly every industry in Paramount, including HVAC, shipping, construction, landscaping, municipal, utilities, and more! We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company and comply with all OSHA standards and regulations. Call today to schedule a free on-site visit and consultation.

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