Hydraulic Cranes LLC, Serving Riverside, CA for Over 50 Years: The Best Source for Mid-Size Mobile Crane Rentals with Union-Certified Operators

As one of the area’s most reliable crane companies, Hydraulic Cranes LLC has provided Riverside, California with expert crane hoisting and rigging services since 1960. We own more mid-sized hydraulic cranes than anyone else in the Southern California area, and send out an average of 10-15 cranes per day for a wide range of crane projects. Our mobile cranes are often dispatched to perform lifts at industrial plants, commercial buildings, shopping centers, gas stations, apartment complexes, university housing, high schools, harbors, and more. We’ve served thousands of clients in our fifty years of business, and work hard to maintain long-term relationships by performing skilled crane work and providing honest service. At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, we send only the right size hydraulic crane for the job and carefully screened and trained operators who will ensure a safe and successful lift. Experienced crane riggers are available upon request, and can be certified or qualified depending on your particular project’s needs.

Call licensed, bonded, and insured Hydraulic Cranes LLC today to schedule a free on-site estimate for your Riverside crane project. We are a proud member of the Southern California Contractors Association, California Trucking Association, Mobile Crane Operators Group, and Teamster’s Local 12. Our team can assist in the securing of all necessary travel, parking, and lane and street closure permits for your Riverside job. Crane accessories such as man baskets, cement buckets, trash bins, and pallet bars/forks are available free of charge so long as customers handle the pick up and return of the item (s).

Top Five Reasons to Choose Hydraulic Cranes LLC

  • Safety is our #1 priority and it shows. With an EMR of 0.80, we have one of the top safety records in the industry.
  • We specialize in hydraulic cranes and have more mid-size cranes than anyone else in the area.
  • Our crane operators are all union trained and certified, with between 10 and 26 years of experience. Having each performed thousands of lifts with our cranes, our operators know our cranes and how to ensure a safe lift.
  • We’ve been in the crane business for over 50 years, which means we’ve lifted nearly everything that can be lifted with a crane.
  • We provide free, on-site lift planning services.

Riverside Crane Service for HVAC&R Contractors

We provide hydraulic crane rental with operator services for customers in Riverside who need to install or replace heating, ventilating, air conditioning, or refrigeration units. For projects that require rigging, we have various sizes and types (single legged, two legged, three legged, four legged) to meet the requirements of your particular job. Our crane operators and riggers have moved HVAC&R units for industrial complexes, property management companies, schools, commercial businesses, and more. We’ve used our hydraulic cranes to lift and install new cooling towers, set up new college science labs, and replace old boilers on top of multi-story buildings.

Riverside Hydraulic Crane Lifting & Rigging Services for Electrical Projects

For electrical projects in Riverside, California, Hydraulic Cranes LLC can provide hydraulic crane rentals for the installation, replacement, or removal of:

  • Electrical vaults
  • Light poles
  • Stadium lights
  • Solar panels
  • Cell towers

We can also use our man baskets to change light bulbs or perform other electrical maintenance. With over fifty years of experience in the hydraulic mobile crane industry, we take great care when working with your delicate electrical items. With solar panels, our crane operators use a nylon rig and softeners to prevent any damage or breakage when performing lifts and installation. Whether you need us to lift 100-foot light poles or to access a cell tower, Hydraulic Cranes LLC has the necessary equipment and trained crane operators and riggers for your Riverside job.

Riverside Mobile Crane Rental Service with Operator for Construction Projects

Since 1960, our hydraulic cranes have been used to help build apartment complexes, upscale condominiums, shopping centers, university housing, and other new construction and renovation projects throughout Southern California, including in Riverside. Our construction work has included everything from unloading and settingrebar to putting up wood for wood framers to erecting steel columns and beams. We’ve also assisted in the setting of cement panels and walls. For skilled crane lifting and/or rigging services on your next Riverside construction project, call Hydraulic Cranes LLC today.

Riverside Landscaping Jobs – Hydraulic Crane Lifting & Rigging Services

Call Hydraulic Cranes LLC if your next landscaping project in Riverside that requires mobile crane hoisting and rigging. Our versatile, mid-size cranes with remote control are ideal for lifting:

  • Large trees
  • Boulders
  • Rocks
  • Cement walls
  • Fountains
  • Sculptures
  • Ponds
  • And more

We have both on-road and all-terrain hydraulic cranes, and have experience working on numerous landscaping projects throughout Southern California, including for customers in Riverside. Disneyland is one of our most notable landscaping clients, and we’ve worked with them to remove old trees and plant new palm trees throughout their Orange County resort parks.

Hydraulic Crane Rental Service for Riverside Municipal Projects

At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, we’ve used our hydraulic cranes to work on highway, bridge, and rail transportation projects throughout Southern California, including in Riverside. We’ve contributed in some capacity to the building, restoration, repair, or maintenance of freeways from San Clemente to Malibu. Our crane operators and riggers have worked to widen freeways, unload and lay rebar, add extra highway lanes and ramps, and hang freeway overpass signs. For k-rail projects, each of our hydraulic cranes can lay a mile of k-rail per night–a rate that no other Riverside crane company can beat. Because we’re set up for high production, our cranes can work continuously so long as the materials are brought in and ready for us to unload. Furthermore, our company is union certified, which means we can take certified payroll jobs. Hydraulic Cranes LLC provides additional insurance to our Riverside clients with only one day’s notice.

Riverside Mobile Crane Lifting & Rigging Services for Container, Vault & Tank Lifting

Whether it’s to lift a single cargo container over a six-hour period or to perform 100 lifts over a single day, Hydraulic Cranes LLC has the mobile cranes and experienced operators and riggers for the job. We provide hydraulic crane hoisting and rigging services for commercial, municipal, and industrial clients in Riverside, California, and frequently lift and move:

  • Harbor containers
  • Underground vaults
  • Electrical vaults
  • Concrete bunkers
  • Grease traps
  • Water vessels
  • And more

We’ve also assisted at plant shutdowns, and have utilized our hydraulic cranes to install runoff rainwater drain systems. Our crane operators and riggers are highly experienced in moving all kinds of items and materials at your Riverside. Call Hydraulic Cranes LLC today to discuss your particular project’s needs.

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