Professional Hydraulic Crane Rental Services for Torrance

Welcome to Hydraulic Cranes LLC, Torrance’s trusted hydraulic crane rental service company since 1960. We have over 50 years of hoisting and lifting experience, and have performed hundreds of thousands of lifts. Our family-owned and -operated business consistently makes safety our number one priority. That’s why we create comprehensive lift plans following on-site visits and will only perform lifts in accordance with OSHA regulations. Our lift planning services ensure that the right crane is rented; the crane operator and rigger are fully briefed on the job; and each lift will proceed in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

At Hydraulic Cranes, we believe in providing our Torrance clients with exceptional service at a fair price. Every hydraulic crane rental comes with a highly trained and experienced crane operator. Our crane operators have between 10 and 26 years of hands-on experience, are union-trained and -certified, and pass OSHA’s Safety Training course. We also can supply with qualified riggers and signal persons upon request. Because we specialize in a specific range of cranes, have decades of experience, and have performed hundreds of thousands of lifts, there are very few lifts that our operators haven’t done before. They know how to operate their cranes, judge a job, improve productivity, and improve safety.

Our company offers an extensive selection of hydraulic cranes ranging in size from a 5-ton to 300-ton capacity. Our large fleet of hydraulic cranes is always kept well-maintained and readily available for any lifting need in Torrance. Additionally, we’ll ensure you’ll have the right-size crane for your job and are happy to assist you with acquiring any necessary permits.

We pride ourselves on maintaining our reputation for professional, personalized service. As such, we are committed to providing every client with the best hydraulic crane service available in Torrance. Call today to schedule a free job check; we’ll chart the job and provide a quote to help you plan your lift.

Hydraulic Cranes LLC is a licensed, bonded, and insured crane rental company. We are associated with the following organizations:

  • Southern California Contractors Association
  • California Trucking Association
  • Mobile Crane Operator’s Group
  • Teamsters Local 12

We rent our mobile cranes for short-term, long-term, and emergency projects (with only a four-hour minimum requirement). Additional insured can be provided within 24 hours, and certified payroll is available.

Crane Rentals with Operator Service in Torrance, CA

Trust Hydraulic Cranes to provide safe and reliable crane rentals for your lift in Torrance. Our company carries high-quality hydraulic mobile cranes ranging in capacity from 5 tons to 300 tons. Our crane experts will work with you to identify which hydraulic crane will be best for your lift as well as help ensure you have any additional equipment necessary to complete the job. All of our hydraulic cranes are DOT approved, OSHA certified and impeccably maintained. Our inventory includes a number of each of the following:

  • 5 Ton Barbour
  • 35 Ton Lorain
  • 40 Ton Terex
  • 90 Ton Link-Belt
  • 120 Ton Grove
  • 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane

When you work with us, you are choosing to work with a team of dedicated professionals. At Hydraulic Cranes, our employees are union trained and certified to safely operate cranes and rigging. With every crane rental, an experienced crane operator will be sent to your Torrance work site to provide efficient and expert service. A qualified rigger and signal-person can also be sent out upon request. At Hydraulic Cranes, safety is always our first priority. Our mobile crane rental company has completed hundreds of thousands of successful lifts while maintaining an excellent safety record. Jobs in Torrance and throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties have included:

  • Construction Lifts (Steel Construction and Erection, Rebar Work, Cement Panels for Walls)
  • CalTrans & Municipal Lifts (K-Rail Barricade Placement)
  • Electrical Work (Bulb Replacement on Stadium Lights, Lamp Post Installation, etc.)
  • HVAC Lifts (Cooling Towers, Commercial Rooftop AC Units, Boilers)
  • Plant Shutdown Repairs and Maintenance (EVAC System Replacement)
  • Heavy Lifting for Machinery & Materials
  • Lifts Related To Railroad Cars, Crates, & Other Shipping
  • Electrical Vaults & Underground Tank Lifts
  • Landscaping Lifts (Trees, Boulders, Fountains, Sculptures)
  • Repair & Building Maintenance Work

For over 50 years, Hydraulic Cranes has served thousands of satisfied customers in a wide variety of fields, from industrial manufacturing to utilities. No matter the area you’re serving, your lifting job will be in the hands of highly trained, union-certified mobile crane professionals. Contact us today to schedule a free site visit and consultation. We’ll create a computer-generated rendering of the crane with information on its weight and lift capacity for every lift job in Torrance as part of our free lift planning services.

Crane Rental Services in Torrance for Building & Construction

The highly trained crane specialists at Hydraulic Cranes are available to provide safe and efficient mobile crane services for construction work in Torrance. Whether your project involves widening freeways, adding lanes to off ramps, or building a new home or bridge structure, our mobile crane rental company is ready to accommodate your needs. When you work with Hydraulic Cranes, you’ll work with experienced mobile crane drivers/operators as well as signal persons and riggers, who have experience lifting:

  • K-Rail
  • Rebar
  • Vaults
  • Wood
  • Construction Steel
  • Trusses
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • And More

Call today. We are available to work with both contractors and subcontractors.

Mobile Crane Rental Services for Landscaping Projects in Torrance

Torrance contractors and landscapers can trust Hydraulic Cranes to safely set or remove trees, boulders, and other large objects. We will carefully place these items where you need them, and are able to safely lift them over buildings and other structures. Our team of dedicated mobile crane specialists are capable of expertly maneuvering our hydraulic truck cranes across tight areas and over most terrain. We have experience working at amusement parks, university campuses, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, shopping centers, and more. For reliable landscaping lifts or removals in Torrance, Hydraulic Cranes will provide the expert service you need.

Union-Certified Crane Rental Services for Building Repair and Maintenance in Torrance

Rely on Hydraulic Cranes to provide heavy lift cranes for your building repair and maintenance needs in Torrance. Our crane rental service company has completed numerous repair jobs for thousands of satisfied customers for over 50 years. Our hoisting and rigging services have been used to replace motors and chains on large equipment, facilitate plant maintenance, remove and replace EVAC systems, install air conditioners and boilers, and more. Since all of our cranes are remote controlled as well as constantly checked and maintained, we are able to complete this work in a time-efficient and safe manner. Call today for a free consultation. We’ll come to your Torrance site and provide professional lift planning recommendations you can trust.

Mobile Crane Service for Utility Projects in Torrance, CA

The union-certified crane operators at Hydraulic Cranes are always available to help you with your utility projects in Torrance. We have extensive experience lifting:

  • Switch boxes
  • Large pipes
  • Light poles
  • Steel signs
  • Parking lot lights
  • Concrete bunkers
  • Water tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • And more!

We’ll safely move these objects across your job site, or can even provide some trucking assistance to locations throughout Southern California. We also rent out crane equipment and accessories, free of charge*, such as man baskets to carry your service workers. Let Hydraulic Cranes help you and your servicemen to safely reach, move, or lift street lights, steel signs, and power poles with the help of our professional, union-certified crane operators. For over 50 years, Hydraulic Cranes LLC has served thousands of satisfied clients with trusted mid-size hydraulic crane rental service in Torrance and surrounding areas. We’ve performed hundreds of thousands of light and heavy duty lifts and offer an extensive selection of hydraulic cranes ranging in capacity from 5 tons to 300 tons. We’ll work with you to survey the area and determine the right sized crane for your lifting job in Torrance.

Rigging Equipment and Crane Accessories, Torrance, CA

Trust the mobile crane specialists at Hydraulic Cranes LLC to provide high quality crane equipment for your lift in Torrance. When you work with us, you’ll also have access to two, three, and four leg rigging equipment, tractor trailers and flatbed trucks, and a variety of crane accessories, such as trash bins, pallet bars, pallet forks, cement buckets, man baskets, and more.


*If you are able to transport your needed crane accessories, our crane equipment is free of charge; we only charge for added transportation to your Torrance site. Call today.

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