Mobile Crane Rental with Operator
for CalTrans and Municipal Projects

✔ Serving LA & OC for 50+ Years
✔ Experts in Freeway Construction and Maintenance: Laying K-Rail, Pulling Falsework, Electrical Vault Placement, Sign Installation, & More
✔ Capable of Laying a Mile of K-Rail Per Night Per Crane – Guaranteed
✔ Excellent Safety Record (.80 EMR)
✔ 5-Ton to 300-Ton Hydraulic Cranes Union Trained and Certified
✔ Free On-Site Lift Planning Services

Hydraulic Cranes LLC has provided expert, cost-efficient crane rental services for Caltrans and municipal clients for over 50 years. Our long-term partnership with Caltrans is a testament to our high-quality work, professionalism, and dedication to safety. We’ve provided cranes with operators for hundreds of projects on highways, bridges, railways, and various other construction sites. In fact, our company has been involved in almost every freeway job in the Southern California region in some capacity since 1960. We work with both general and sub-contractors, and provide highly experienced crane operators, riggers, and signalers that are union trained and certified. Our hydraulic cranes range in capacity from 5 tons to 300 tons. They are continually maintained and kept up-to-date by our two skilled full-time mechanics.

Whether it’s to place k-rail for a temporary construction site or to pick up and set rebar, our company always provides a skilled crane operator and a correctly sized hydraulic crane for the job. Our crane operators have between 10 and 26 years of experience and know how to ensure a safe lift. (We are proud to hold a MOD rate of 0.80–an excellent rating for any crane company.) Part of the reason our lifts are so successful is because we help our clients develop a comprehensive lift plan and determine the right crane needed for each lift. We also evaluate the lift site; confirm what rigging will be necessary; and assist in securing the necessary permits. As an added bonus, we can supply select accessories, such as trash bins, cement buckets, pallet bars, forks, man baskets, or other lift-related equipment, at no cost (we only charge a small delivery fee if we need to transport them).

Hydraulic Cranes LLC is licensed, bonded, and insured. We’re a proud member of the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA), Mobile Crane Operators Group (MOB), California Trucking Association, and Teamster’s Local 12. While we are based out of Santa Fe Springs, California, we serve the entire Southern California region, including Orange County and Los Angeles County.