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Mobile Crane Rentals for Landscaping Projects in LA & OC

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✔ SoCal’s Best Source for Mobile Cranes
✔ Hundreds of Thousands of Successful Lifts, Excellent Safety Rating
✔ Union Trained and Certified Operators
✔ 5-Ton to 300-Ton Capacity Cranes, All Well-Maintained & OSHA Certified
✔ Lifting Accessories Avail. at No Charge
✔ Short-Term & Long-Term Contracts One-Day Turnaround on Additional Insured
✔ Free On-Site Consultations

Hydraulic Cranes LLC rents mid-size mobile cranes and operators for heavy duty lifts required in landscaping projects across Southern California. Whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or municipal landscaping project, we have the capacity to expertly lift and move large trees, rocks, boulders, and other large items anywhere you need them. With over 50 years of experience in the hydraulic crane industry, we know how to safely accomplish even the most challenging of lifts: We apply our knowledge and experience to develop comprehensive critical lift plans; select the right crane for every job; keep our large fleet of hydraulic mobile cranes and rigging equipment well maintained; and have a dedicated team of highly qualified crane operators, riggers, and signal persons who are all union and OSHA trained.

At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, we place a high value on safety, service, and experience. Averaging 10 to 26 years of experience, our operators have worked on all kinds of hoisting and rigging projects and can provide the expertise you need to ensure your lift is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Additionally, we can issue produce an additional insured rider with at least a day’s notice and help our clients obtain all necessary travel, parking, and street and lane closure permits. As part of our crane rental services, we also provide crane accessories such as man baskets and trash bins free of charge for clients who are willing to take the item to the job site and return it after the job is complete. (Additional charges only apply when we need to send out an extra truck to transport the requested crane accessories.)

For a free mobile crane rental estimate for your landscaping project, contact licensed, bonded, and insured Hydraulic Cranes LLC today. We are a proud member of the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA), Mobile Crane Operators Group (MOB), California Trucking Association, and Teamster’s Local 12. Located in Santa Fe Springs, California, we serve Los Angeles County, Orange County, and most other Southern California areas.