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Crane Rental Service for Shipping Container Hoisting & Rigging

✔ Serving Southern California Since 1960
✔ Remote Operated Hydraulic Cranes: DOT Approved, OSHA Certified
✔ Two Full-Time Mechanics on Staff to Keep Cranes Well Maintained
✔ All Operators, Riggers Union Trained and Highly Experienced
✔ Cranes Range from 5 Tons to 300 Tons
✔ Available for Short- and Long-Term Jobs
✔ Certified Payroll Filing Available

Hydraulic Cranes LLC has assisted Southern California clients that work in the shipping and transportation industry with safe, dependable, and cost-effective container lifting and moving services for over 50 years. With our union trained operators and large fleet of OSHA-certified hydraulic cranes that range in capacity from 5 tons to 300 tons, we are able to lift and move shipping containers of nearly any size and weight, safely and efficiently. This includes lifting and placing 20- and 40-foot shipping containers at the harbor, transferring water purification vessels for export, and moving containers at construction sites where they are often used as offices or for storage.

At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, safety, experience, and service are our top priorities. Having performed hundreds of thousands of lifts, we maintain an EMR rate of 0.80, an excellent rating among crane companies. We also ensure our employees participate in OSHA Safety Training classes and undergo random drug and alcohol screenings. Additionally, our crane operators, riggers, and signalers hold between 10 and 26 years of hands-on experience and receive training from Local 12 and OSHA. Their level of training and experience means you can be confident in their ability and skills to rig and hoist your container to your desired location with safety and precision.

For a free mobile crane rental quote, contact Hydraulic Cranes LLC today. We’ll meet you at your site to develop a lift plan and determine which hydraulic crane will meet your needs. We can usually accommodate crane rental requests on short notice and secure an additional insured certificate within 24 hours. Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured. We are a proud member of the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA), Mobile Crane Operators Group (MOB), Teamster’s Local 12, and California Trucking Association. We serve most of the Southern California region, including Los Angeles and Orange County. Our business is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California.