Hydraulic Cranes LLC: Offering Newport Beach OSHA-Certified Mobile Cranes with Union-Certified Operators Since 1960

For over 50 years, Hydraulic Cranes LLC has provided Newport Beach with expert crane rental services at a cost-effective rate. Our trusted crane operators and riggers have used our large and diverse fleet of hydraulic cranes to lift k-rail, light poles, freeway signs, air conditioning units, solar panels, structural steel, cement panels, underground vaults, harbor containers, rebar and more. We work with both general contractors and subcontractors in Newport Beach and throughout Southern California, and have performed hundreds of thousands of lifts for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects.

At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, we place a high value on safety, service, and availability. Our company takes great pride in our high safety record (we have an MOD rate of 0.80), and we ensure that we maintain an excellent record by investing in careful lift planning, employee training, and frequent crane maintenance. We have our employees take OSHA’s 10-hour safety classes and undergo random drug and alcohol tests. We have two full-time mechanics that keep all of our hydraulic cranes up-to-date and ready for immediate service. And our skilled crane operators, riggers, and signalers average ten to twenty-six years of on-the-job experience, and are union trained and certified.

Call licensed, bonded, and insured Hydraulic Cranes LLC today to schedule a free on-site project estimate. We’ll send out an experienced expert who will come out to your Newport Beach location, discuss your particular needs, and put together a lift plan. Whether it’s for construction or landscaping or maintenance, Hydraulic Cranes LLC can provide the appropriate size crane to help you successfully complete your Newport Beach project. We can provide and/or assist customers in securing all necessary travel, parking, and street and lane closure permits. For customers willing to pick and return the item, we can rent them a variety of crane accessories, such as trash bins, cement buckets, man baskets, pallet bars, and pallet forks, at no additional cost.

Our family-owned and -operated company is a proud member of the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA), Mobile Crane Operators Group (MOB), Teamster’s Local 12, and California Trucking Association.

Construction Projects, Newport Beach: Hydraulic Crane Rentals for Hoisting & Rigging

We provide expert hydraulic crane lifting and/or rigging services for Newport Beach construction projects. Hydraulic Cranes LLC has contributed to the construction of Southern California shopping centers, apartment complexes, upscale condominiums, manufacturing plants, university housing, and more. We’ve worked on hundreds of industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects, and our hydraulic cranes are used to put up wood frames and trusses; unload and set rebar; lift and set cement panels; and erect structural steel beams and columns

Electrical Projects (Light Pole, Solar Panel & Cell Tower Installation), Newport Beach: Hydraulic Crane Services

To facilitate your electrical project in Newport Beach, our company will send out a highly experienced, union-certified crane operator with your hydraulic crane. We’ve used our cranes to lift and install stadium lights, 80-100 foot light poles, cell towers, solar panels, and more. Because we understand their value and extreme delicacy, we take special care and consideration when rigging and hoisting such items. WIth solar panels, for example, we want to ensure there is no damage or breakage to the delicate glass while we’re lifting the panels, so we use a nylon rig and softeners. In addition, our hydraulic crane services can be used to maintain lights and signs; for no additional cost, we’ll include a two-man or four-man manbasket.

Crane Rental Service with Operator for Newport Beach CalTrans Projects

Since 1960, Hydraulic Cranes has contributed to almost every freeway job in the area in some capacity. Our crane services have also been used to help widen freeway, place k-rails to create barricades, lift materials to expand highway lanes and ramps, hang freeway signs, and more in Newport Beach and other cities throughout LA and Orange County. In every case, we focus on providing safe crane lifts with minimal downtime. In fact, we are the only Newport Beach crane company that can lay a mile of k-rail per night per crane.

Newport Beach, CA – Crane Rental Service with Operator for Vaults, Tanks & Containers

Hydraulic Cranes LLC has extensive experience rigging and hoisting large containers, such as shipping/cargo containers, electrical vaults, aboveground and underground tanks, concrete bunkers, grease traps, water vessels, drainage systems, more. We can ensure that your vault, tank, or container in Newport Beach is properly rigged and safely lifted in order to move it to its final location. As part of our comprehensive service, we provide free lift planning, reliable crane rentals, and union-certified operators. Our jobs have ranged from lifting and holding a single item for hours to performing 100s of lifts over a single day to providing ongoing crane rental with operator services for a period of weeks or months. Call today to learn more.

Hydraulic Crane Rentals in Newport Beach, California, for Heating & Air Conditioning Lifts

At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, we’ve used our cranes to replace old boilers, set up new science labs, and to lift cooling towers on top of multi-story buildings. We’ve worked on a wide range of heating and cooling projects, including many for Southern California schools, universities, property management companies, commercial businesses, and industrial complexes. In working for so many HVAC companies and mechanical contractors, we’ve learned that these types of lifts require thoughtful planning before the lift and focused attention when rigging and hoisting their units because they are so delicate and require precise placement. That’s why, if you are preparing for a rooftop HVAC system installation that requires a crane, make sure you call us first. We provide our Newport Beach clients with free onsite lift planning consultations and have an excellent track record for safe and successful lifts.

Hydraulic Crane Services for Newport Beach Landscaping Jobs

Hydraulic Cranes LLC has worked on numerous landscaping jobs throughout Southern California. One of our top landscaping clients is Disneyland, where our crane operators have used our mid-size hydraulic cranes to add new palm trees throughout their Orange County resort parks. Our crane services can be used on nearly any landscaping project in Newport Beach, but are usually required when a large item, such as a barbecue island, fountain, or spa, needs to be lifted over a barrier or building or is too large, heavy, or bulky, such as with palm trees, trees, boulders, rocks, and sculptures, to be moved any other way.

Hydraulic Cranes LLC is a union certified company, which means we can take all certified payroll jobs. Our company also provides additional insurance with one day’s notice. We consider our long relationship with our many Newport Beach clients to be a testament to our high-quality work and crane expertise.

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