Crane Rental with Operator for HVAC&R Lifts in LA and Orange County

✔ Southern California’s Best Value
✔ Experts in Lift Planning, Hoisting, Rigging, and Safety
✔ Excellent Safety Rating (EMR of .80)
✔ Union Trained and Certified Operators
✔ 5-Ton to 300-Ton Capacity Cranes to Lift Cooling Towers, Boilers & AC Units
✔ Lifting Accessories Avail. at No Charge
✔ Rentals Available on Short Notice
✔ Free On-Site Consultations

At Hydraulic Cranes LLC, we’ve been helping HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) contractors throughout Southern California lift commercial air conditioners and packaged rooftop units for decades. These contractors choose us when they want thoroughly trained and highly experienced crane operators, riggers, and signal persons; mid-size hydraulic cranes fully equipped with certified rigging equipment; and honest, expert recommendations. Our skilled crane operators, riggers, and signalers average 10 to 26 years of on-the-job experience, and are union trained and certified. We hold a MOD rating of 0.80, and place a high value on the safety of our clients and employees.

Over the years, we’ve lifted and moved all kinds of HVAC&R units for residential buildings, commercial businesses, industrial structures, schools, and more. We’ve worked with colleges and universities to set up new science labs, which not only involve steel work, but the moving and lifting of refrigeration and air conditioning units. We’ve also worked with property management companies to set large replacement A/C and boiler units on top of multi-story buildings, and a variety of contractors and subcontractors to lift their air handling units, cooling towers, ducting, refrigeration racks, small air conditioning package units, and various other HVAC&R equipment.

When working with Hydraulic Crane LLC, you can count us to always provide the right-size crane for the job. We’ll also be happy to create a complete lift plan at no additional charge. We are a union-certified crane company and members of the Mobile Crane Operators Group (MOB), Teamster’s Local 12, California Trucking Association, and Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA). We are also licensed, bonded, and insured. Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, we serve most of the Southern California area, specifically Los Angeles and Orange County. We provide free on-site job estimates, and also assist clients in securing any required permits. Call us today to schedule an appointment.