Hydraulic Cranes LLC – Mobile Crane Rental & Operator Services Available in Santa Monica

Welcome to Hydraulic Cranes, experts in crane rigging and hoisting. Since 1960, our family-owned, union-certified company has provided Santa Monica clients with reliable hydraulic crane rentals with highly experienced crane operators at cost-effective rates. Our mobile cranes range in capacity from 5 tons to 300 tons, and are OSHA certified and DOT approved. To allow for maximum productivity, all our cranes are constantly maintained by our two in-house mechanics and feature remote operation from the cab. With every crane rental, we’ll dispatch a union-trained and -certified crane operator with at least ten years of experience. With their level of expertise, you can trust them to safely and successfully perform nearly any type of lift, including but not limited to:

  • Lifting trees, boulders, and other landscaping items
  • Installing and maintaining stadium lights, light poles, signs, and cell towers
  • Laying rebar, erecting structural steel, and setting cement panels for construction projects
  • Placing k-rail barricades for CalTrans projects
  • Assisting with the installation of solar panels
  • Lifting and placing rooftop heating and air conditioning systems
  • Lifting and moving vaults, vessels, tanks, cargo containers, trailers, and other large containers

At Hydraulic Cranes, we strive to uphold the industry’s highest safety standards, which is why we take the time to perform an on-site analysis of your lift prior to every Santa Monica crane rental and always ensure you have the right crane for your job. You’ll never get a crane that is too small or too big, and we’ll help you secure permits and additional insured certificates.

Hydraulic Cranes is licensed, bonded, and insured. We are proud to be associated with the following organizations: Southern California Contractors Association, California Trucking Association, Mobile Crane Operator’s Group, and Teamsters Local 12. Call today to schedule a free on-site visit and consultation.

Santa Monica Crane Rental Service for CalTrans and Municipal Projects

Hydraulic Cranes is the preferred choice for mobile crane rentals when contractors or subcontractors are preparing for a CalTrans or municipal building project in Santa Monica. That’s because we have an excellent safety rating (0.80 EMR), one of the largest inventories of mid-size cranes in Santa Monica, and have over five decades of experience working on freeway, bridge, and street construction and maintenance projects. In addition to rebar work and steel construction and erection, we also excel at k-rail placement. In fact, we are the only crane rental company serving the Santa Monica area that is able to lay a mile of k-rail per night per crane. Call today to book an onsite lift plan assessment today. We make our crane rental services with operators available day and night for CalTrans and municipal clients in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Crane Rental Service for Landscaping Projects

Hydraulic Cranes is the best choice for crane rentals when Santa Monica landscaper need to move trees, boulders, statues, fountains and other oversized landscaping items. Our fleet of mid-size hydraulic cranes are the perfect size for a majority of landscaping projects: they can maneuver over most terrain, are DOT approved, and can easily lift items over multi-story buildings and other obstacles. Additionally, we rent two-man and four-man baskets and other crane accessories to help with landscaping projects in Santa Monica such as tree trimming. If you’re unsure about which crane rental is right for you, we’ll come and visit you on site at no charge. We’ll even create a formal lift plan for you that displays a computer-generated picture of the type of hydraulic crane you’re getting, its maximum weight capacity, where it will be set up, as well as swing direction clearance, rigging charts with hoisting rope diameter, and much more. Call Hydraulic Cranes to get a free quote on your landscaping project.

Crane Rental Service in Santa Monica for Utility Projects

Hydraulic Cranes frequently works with gas companies, electric companies, wind and solar power plants, and water districts throughout Southern California, including many in Santa Monica. Our rigging and hoisting services have been used to repair, replace, or install septic tanks, turbines, water mains, electrical vaults, concrete bunkers, rainwater harvesting systems, light poles, cell towers, solar panels, and more. Having operated cranes for utility companies and businesses since 1960, we’ll ensure that your utility-related project is performed safely and efficiently. We maintain a diverse fleet of cranes, but specialize in mid-size hydraulic cranes because they are the most versatile. We also rent out an assortment of equipment, such as man baskets, cribbing, pallet forks, pallet bars, trash bins, steel rigging, nylons, concrete buckets, and spreader bars. Call today for a free quote on crane rental service in Santa Monica for your next utility project.

Crane Rental Services for Cargo Shipping Containers in Santa Monica

For over 50 years, Hydraulic Cranes has been performing lifts for Southern California’s shipping industry. This means that we are qualified to partner with any Santa Monica company that needs to have oversized or heavy-duty cargo containers, vessels, tanks, or trailers lifted or moved within a short timeframe. Our team is available around the clock, and we can dispatch our cranes in a matter of hours. If an additional insured certificate is required, we can often obtain one within a day. Plus, as a union-certified company, all our operators are union-trained and we can provide certified payroll filing. Call today for a free onsite consultation.

Hydraulic Cranes: Offering Full-Service Crane Rentals Services For Santa Monica

As a full service crane company, we’ve performed thousands of heavy duty and light duty lifts for our Santa Monica clients. It is our policy to provide all of our customers with the best customer service possible and crane rental service that complies with the industry’s best practices for safety and efficiency. Our company looks forward to providing you with expert, union-certified crane rental and operation services at a competitive price. We’re available for short-term and long-term contracts, and only require a four-hour minimum. Call us today to get a free estimate on your crane rental service in Santa Monica.

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