Hydraulic Cranes: Thousand Oaks’s Superior Mobile Crane Rental Service

Thank you for visiting Hydraulic Cranes LLC, Southern California’s mid-size hydraulic crane experts. We are trusted providers of mobile crane rigging and hoisting services. Established in 1960, our family owned company has provided Thousand Oaks clients with union-certified crane rental and operating services that improve productivity and safety. Our large fleet of cranes consists of 5-ton to 300 ton-cranes with remotes. These cranes are inspected and serviced routinely by our on-staff mechanics; and they are all DOT approved and OSHA certified.

As part of every crane rental in Thousand Oaks, you’ll also have a highly experienced crane operator who has performed thousands of lifts, ranging from small repetitive lifting jobs that require a quick pace with minimal downtime to one-time major lifts that require a lot of coordination and precision. Our highly experienced crane operators are all union certified and stay up to date on the latest safety standards, crane operation procedures, and emergency protocols. Qualified or certified riggers are available as well.

At Hydraulic Cranes, we strive to uphold the industry’s highest safety standards, which is why all of our Thousand Oaks customers receive the right-size crane for the job, every time. You’ll never get a crane that is too small or too big–both of which can have costly repercussions. Additionally, we’ll take the time to visit your site and help you develop a lift plan that takes into consideration the lifting job, the terrain, any obstacles, and more. This plan can be used to satisfy the needs of a general contractor as well as any permitting requirements.

Hydraulic Cranes is licensed, bonded, and insured, and a member of Southern California Contractors Association, California Trucking Association, Mobile Crane Operator’s Group, and Teamsters Local 12. Call today to schedule a free on-site visit and consultation.

Thousand Oaks Crane Rental Service for HVAC Companies and Mechanical Contractors

Since 1960, Hydraulic Cranes has been providing Thousand Oaks with expert, affordable crane rental services for HVAC unit lifting and removal. Performing a lift for a commercial or industrial roof-top HVAC unit without a proper crane and crane operator can be dangerous, and the consequences of a collision or drop can be costly. Let us remove your old unit as well as rig, move and set your new HVAC unit with precise alignment and care. Our drivers can pick up and transport the item from a warehouse, or have a crane waiting at the Thousand Oaks location ready to lift the object on time, every time. Our reliable team of experts have performed thousands of HVAC removal and installation lift jobs in Thousand Oaks and beyond. In our 50 years of experience, we have moved a variety of mechanical systems, including commercial boilers, chillers, pumps, heating systems, cooling towers, turbines, and more. We will supply you with a proper lift plan and an experienced, licensed and union-certified crane operator so that your HVAC lift is successful. Call us today to learn more about our high quality, well priced crane services.

Mobile Cranes for Rent in Thousand Oaks: Specialized Lifts for Utility Work

Let the experts at Hydraulic Cranes perform lifts for your Thousand Oaks utility projects. Established in 1960, our company has assisted on a wide range of utility lifts throughout Southern California. Our fleet of mobile hydraulic cranes are extremely versatile, and can reach heights of up to twenty stories. Our personnel includes highly qualified crane operators, riggers, and signalers who have 10 to 26 years of experience performing lifts for the utility industry. We’ve helped repair and install light poles, telephone poles, cell phone towers, solar panels, and electrical vaults. To make your project run as smoothly as possible, we also rent out an assortment of equipment like man baskets, which can be attached to our cranes and hold up to two or four utility workers. Let us perform a successful lift for your utility project in Thousand Oaks by calling us and scheduling a free on-site consultation.

Thousand Oaks Crane Rental Services for Rigging and Hoisting Underground Tanks and Vaults

For over five decades, Hydraulic Cranes has partnered with construction companies throughout Thousand Oaks who have required reliable crane services for the rigging and hoisting of septic tanks, gas tanks, water tanks, and electrical vaults. Our large fleet of well maintained hydraulic cranes are capable of driving on most highways and streets as well as most terrain at construction or excavation sites, and we’ll always be careful to select the right crane for your unique lift.

Our Thousand Oaks crane rental services are always performed by union certified crane operators who have completed OSHA’s safety course and have extensive experience lifting vaults, underground tanks, and aboveground tanks. To eliminate all on-site safety hazards, we’ll also assist you in creating a formal lift plan, and we will help orchestrate additional aspects of the lift, including:

  • Obtain all mandatory zoning and construction permits
  • Locate nearby electricity and gas lines that could interfere with your lift
  • Remove large debris and other surface encumbrances
  • Properly check sloping sidewall to lessen risk of cave-ins
  • Facilitate communication with contractor and/or site supervisors

Hydraulic Cranes is able to dispatch cranes within hours and secure additional insured certificates within a day. Call us today to get a free on-site estimate to lift storage tanks or vaults at your Thousand Oaks site.

Thousand Oaks Crane Rental Service for CalTrans and City Projects

With over 50 years of experience, Hydraulic Cranes has become the preferred choice for crane lifting and operating services among contractors who work with CalTrans and the City of Thousand Oaks. Since 1960, we have been a part of almost every CalTrans project in Southern California, which stands as a testament to the quality of our crane rental services. We make our crane rental services available day and night for any CalTrans or municipal clients, and can work on both short-term and long-term projects. The majority of our work for CalTrans and municipal clients consists of:

  • K-Rail Placement
  • Concrete Removal During Excavation
  • Structural Steel Erection for Construction
  • Highway Sign Installation

Our mobile hydraulic cranes range from 5-ton to 300-ton capacity, and are continually maintained and thoroughly inspected by our full-time mechanics. Call Hydraulic Cranes to get a free estimate on our crane rental services for your municipal or CalTrans project in Thousand Oaks. If you’re unsure about which crane rental is right for you, we provide on-site consultations at no charge. We’ll also assist you with any permits you may need for your crane rental and certified payroll filing.

Hydraulic Cranes: Providing Professional and Experienced Crane Rental Services to our Thousand Oaks Clients

Thank you for visiting Hydraulic Cranes, Thousand Oaks’s best choice for union-trained and -certified crane rentals and crane operating services. We believe the success of our company greatly depends on the safety and satisfaction of our Thousand Oaks customers, which is why we always provide our customers with thoroughly trained, highly experienced operators and the right crane for their projects. We are compliant with all OSHA requirements, and our crane operating specialists are up-to-date in all standards and practices. Hydraulic Cranes has performed hundreds of thousands of lifts, which means rarely is there a lift we haven’t done before. Call us today for a free on-site consultation and estimate.

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